Preparing your conference proposal?

There are five different presentation formats for the 2019 conference. Each one has something to offer.

Individual Presentation

Within a session, presentations may be made by individuals on a coordinated theme or topic.

Panel Presentation

In a panel presentation, two or more speakers will present different perspectives or approaches, and a panel leader will summarize their work and relate it to that of the other panelists, and invite open discussion.

Scholarly Paper Presentation

Scholarly papers are 1) essays that present well-developed arguments on philosophical, theoretical, or practical problems in assessment; or 2) research papers that present the results of original data collection or secondary data analysis. All authors of scholarly papers are expected to prepare their papers according to the manuscript submission guidelines for publication in the journal, Research & Practice in Assessment (


Posters are a mechanism for presenters to engage in interactive discussion with other conference participants about projects that are 1) completed or 2) in developing stages. We are encouraging more participants to share their developing ideas or exciting new projects in this format.


Roundtable sessions provide an ideal opportunity for conference attendees to interact with colleagues from various institutions around a specific topic of scholarly research and/or practice. The roundtable facilitator will guide discussion and encourage attendees to participate actively in focused dialogue on a topic of interest in assessment.


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