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Assessment Overview
Assessment Primer (1)
Assessment Primer (2)
Value-Added Assessment

Portfolio Systems
Electronic Portfolios
National Coalition for Electronic Portfolio Research

SACS/Accreditor Compliance
SACS Compliant Program Review
SCHEV, SACS, & QEP Convergence
SCHEV, Spellings and Accreditation
Incorporating Assessment into Program Review
- Guide

- Checklist
- Objectives Worksheet
- Rubric
- Results Form
- Results Form Example 1
- Results Form Example 2
- Results Form Example 3
- Sample Plans

Outcomes Assessment
Writing Measurable Objectives
- Bibliography of Resources
- Bloom's Action Verbs
Library Outcomes Assessment
General Education Assessment
Administrative Assessment
- Resource List

Communicating Results
Communicating Assessment Results

Rubrics and Prompts
Creating Rubrics and Prompts
- Rubrics on the Internet
- Rubric on Rubrics
- SAT Scoring Guide
- SAT Essay Scoring Guide
- Washington State University Critical Thinking Rubric

Campus Culture
Improving the First Year
Infusing Assessment into Student Services

NC State University Outcomes Assessment Resources
A very extensive list of outcomes assessment tools on the web.

University of Kentucky ASSESS Listserv Archives
Searchable archive of the most popular assessment email listserv.

State Council of Higher Education for Virginia

Accreditation Organizations
Council for Higher Education Accreditation
Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
Middle States Commission on Higher Education
New England Association of Schools and Colleges
North Central Higher Learning Commission
Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities
Western Association of Schools and Colleges


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