Past Conferences

Virginia Assessment Group organizes an annual conference in support of higher education assessment.
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Conference 2010 
Conference 2011 
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Conference 2016

Knowing our Worth: Conference Presentations 2015

Back to our Assessment Future: Our Five-Year Assessment Checkup- Charlie Blaich & Kathy Wise, Center for Inquiry, Wabash College & HEDS

Learning Technology Incubator: Assessing Impact of Faculty Pedagogical Innovation across Courses and Disciplines - Judith Giering, Director, Learning Design & Technology, Juliet Trail, Director of Assessment, both of University of Virginia

The Power of Reliable Rubrics: Promoting Equitable and Effective Assessment Practices through Collaboratively Designed Rubrics - Whitney Bortz, Director of Assessment, Radford University

Online Learning Assessment at the University of Virginia - Adam Hughes & John Echeverri-Gent, both of University of Virginia

Integrating Assessment into the Culture of Academic Support Units - Shantya Plater, Institutional Effectiveness and Accreditation Analyst, Old Dominion University

Closing the General Education Assessment Loop: Beyond Faculty Pedagogy - Kellie Sorey, Associate Vice President for Academics, Jennifer Ferguson, Director of General Education Assessment and Transfer Partnerships, both of Tidewater Community College

Supporting Campus Partners with Searchable Online Assessment Data - Stephanie Hazel, Acting Director, Office of Institutional Assessment & Rawa Jassem, Web Developer and Applications Analyst, both of George Mason University

Faculty Members’ Suggestions for Making Assessment More Meaningful - Molly Hall, Assistant Director, Office of Assessment and Evaluation & Penny Burge, Professor, Leadership, Counseling and Research, both of Virginia Tech

Closing the Assessment Loop: Using Implementation Fidelity Data to Make Informed Changes to Programming - Madison Holzman, Assessment Consultant & Carolyn Miesen, Assessment Consultant & Sara J. Finney, Senior Assessment Specialist, all of James Madison University

Using Open-Ended Needs Assessment Data for Improvement - Charlie Goss, Liberty University

If a Mind-Blowing “Aha” Moment Occurs and There is No Assessment Tool to Capture It, Has It Really Happened? - Stephen Biscotte, Coordinator for General Education, Virginia Tech

Learning from SACS-COC Peer Evaluators: Commonly Cited Issues with Outcomes Assessment in Student Support Services - Jodi Fisler, Director of Student Affairs Planning & Assessment; Assistant to the VP for Student Affairs, College of William & Mary

Action Plans and Beyond: The Importance of Designing for Evidence of Improvement - Tim Fowler, Associate Director of Institutional Assessment, Liberty University

At the Crossroads with Assessment and Teaching & Learning: A Pathway for Future Practice - Peter Doolittle, Assistant Provost for Teaching and Learning, Executive Director, Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research (CIDER) Virginia Tech, & Keston Fulcher, Executive Director Center for Assessment and Research Studies, James Madison University