2019 Conference Presentations and Handouts

The following 2019 Virginia Assessment Group Conference presenters chose to share their handouts electronically on the Virginia Assessment Group website. Please do not link to this site.


Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Session TitlePresenters
Inspiring Collaboration Through Assessment ShareOuts by Utilizing Data VisualizationJade Kline, Virginia Tech
The Use of Generalizability Theory to Determine Measurement Error on an Ethical Reasoning Performance AssessmentBrielle Pedrick, James Madison University; Brian Leventhal, James Madison University
It Takes a Village: Auburn University’s Collaborative Approach to Oral Communication AssessmentDaphney Portis, Auburn University; Megan Good, Auburn University
Thinking critically: what predicts students’ critical thinking ability?Phillip Holmes, James Madison University; Brian Leventhal, James Madison University
Evaluating the Impact of Personal Librarians on Academic and Affective OutcomesCathy Meals, University of the District of Columbia
Using Data Analytics Software to Facilitate an Examination of Correlations Between Participation in Library Instruction
and Student Achievement Indicators
Joleen Westerdale McInnis, Old Dominion University Libraries; Lucinda Rush Wittkower, Old Dominion University

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Session TitlePresenters
The Promise of our Practices: Leveraging Equity, Engagement, and Effectiveness in Higher Education through AssessmentDr. Ereka Williams, NILOA Coach and Associate Dean, Fayetteville State University
Q&A Session with Ereka WilliamsDr. Ereka Williams, NILOA Coach and Associate Dean, Fayetteville State University
Finding Your Best Fit: Tips for Assessment TrainingRay E. Van Dyke, Ed. D.; Senior Vice President Weave, Founder and Executive Director Weave Academy, Former
Executive Director Office of Assessment and Evaluation at Virginia Tech; Nick Curtis, Ph.D., Marquette University
Meaningfully Mapping and Presenting Benchmark Information in a Program ReviewRobert Talley, Liberty University
Key Points of Recent Changes in the U.S. News Best College Rankings: Implications for Assessment & IR PractitionersTristan Jiang, Virginia Military Institute
Students’ Value of General Education: What Perception Data Tells Us About our StudentsGretchen Hazard, James Madison University; Kathy Clarke, James Madison University; Brian Leventhal,
James Madison University
E is for Empower: The RARE Model approach to cultivating faculty assessment leadersGina Polychronopoulos, Christopher Newport University
We ALL Assess: Creating a Culture of Assessment among Faculty at a Large Community CollegeSharon Karkehabadi, Northern Virginia Community College; Nicole Martello, Northern Virginia Community
College; Susan Johnson, Northern Virginia Community College; Gillian Backus, Northern Virginia Community College
Rethinking Our Approach to Creating a Culture of AssessmentTia Minnis, Virginia State University
Inspiration to Action: Using Program Theory to Enhance Learning Outcomes AssessmentAndrea Pope, James Madison University; Chris Patterson, James Madison University; Samantha Gonzalez,
James Madison University; Sara Finney, James Madison University
The Efficacy of Tutorial-Test Model for First-Year Information Literacy Skills Competency DevelopmentKathy Clarke, James Madison University; Howard Carrier, James Madison University; David Vess,
James Madison University
Comprehensive reform calls for comprehensive assessment – GenEd changes at UVABrian Paljug, University of Virginia; Bo Odom, University of Virginia
First Things First: Building an Effective Story Around Assessment Data, Presentation, Data Display Presentation, WorksheetJodi Fisler, State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV); Jane Robertson Evia, Virginia Tech
Outcome-Based Assessment: Collaborative and Inclusive Process of Closing the Loop on Student LearningIlaria De Santis, Joint Forces Staff College
Nobody puts assessment results in the corner! Effectively using assessment results, program theory, and implementation
fidelity to evidence learning improvement
Rain Garant, James Madison University; Beth Perkins, James Madison University; Thomas Hartka,
James Madison University
Getting the Band Back Together: Integrating Institutional Research and Assessment for Institutional Effectiveness Kyle Shanks, Howard University; Glenn Allen Phillips, Howard University; Yesenia Espinal, Howard University;
Dr. Lu Qin, Howard University; Dr. Bernard, Howard University
Administrative Assessment: How to Design and Conduct Meaningful Assessments across Administrative Co-Curricular UnitsErin Schroeder, Liberty University; Tim Fowler, Liberty University; Roger Bryan, Liberty University;
Peter Lee, Liberty University
Using the HEIghten assessment to demonstrate student achievement of the core competencies outlined by SCHEV
Scaffolding Transfer Student Success through e-Portfolio EngagementMicol Hutchison, Virginia Community College System/ VCU; Scott Oates, PhD, Virginia Commonwealth University
Successes with Triennial Assessment and How Faculty Feel about ThemJason Lyons, Christopher Newport University; Gina B. Polychronopoulos, Christopher Newport University
Using the Political Engagement Project Survey to understand change in college students’ civic competency and engagementDena Pastor, James Madison University
Marrying Recruitment and Assessment: A partnership to produce rich, actionable program data and sustainable
processes for ongoing improvement
Angie Wetzel, Virginia Commonwealth University; Jenna Lenhardt, Virginia Commonwealth University
Designing for Partnership: Student and Academic Affairs AssessmentsCindy Cogswell, Ohio University
A Quick Step Guide to Organizing, Visualizing, & Analyzing Survey DataLee Rakes, Virginia Military Institute
Analyzing the Open-Ended Question: Natural Language Processing (NLP) for scalability, reliability, and time efficiencyColleen Karnas-Haines, University of North Carolina, Charlotte
Bridging the Continental Divide: Developing a Culture of Assessment Among Faculty, Administrators, and Institutional
Effectiveness Offices
Jolene Hamm, Piedmont Virginia Community College; Dr. Leonda Williams Keniston,
Piedmont Virginia Community College
Developing and sustaining faculty assessment leaders: The case of Academic Program Assessment CoordinatorsJustina Osa, Virginia State University
Spread the Word: Infographics as Audience Friendly DataLinda Baughman, Northern Virginia Community College; (Joann) Shehani Peiris, Northern Virginia
Community College
The Citation Project: Using authentic assessment to communicate information literacy outcomes to colleagues, students,
and accreditors
Candice Benjes-Small, William & Mary; Paul Showalter, William & Mary; Carrie Ludovico,
University of Richmond; Carol Wittig, University of Richmond
Scholarly Paper Presentation - User-based Assessment in the Academic Library: Citation Analysis as a Means of Improving a Library’s CollectionAlicia Willson-Metzger, Christopher Newport University

Friday, November 15, 2019

Session TitlePresenters
Our Evolving Role as Assessment ProfessionalsMr. Isaac Castillo, Venture Philanthropy Partners
Using assessment results from core curriculum courses to inform teaching and improve student performance: a faculty-driven
success story
Anne Alerding, Virginia Military Institute
Building Faculty Assessment Partnerships via the Inevitability of ChangeSarai Blincoe, Longwood University; Dr. Linda Townsend, Longwood University
Beyond “engaging” faculty in assessment: Faculty owning assessmentScott Oates, Virginia Commonwealth University
Toward a Pro-Faculty Assessment Culture: Considering Assessment Through Faculty Role-PlayingTim Bajkiewicz, Virginia Commonwealth University; Kate Nash, Ph.D., Virginia Commonwealth University
Cultivating leadership by employing a strengths-based approach to assessment practiceGina Polychronopoulos, Christopher Newport University
How are you Fostering Student Learning Improvements?Kelsey Kirland, Old Dominion University
Where Are We Now? The SCHEV Assessment Policy Two Years InJodi Fisler, SCHEV