Get Involved With a Special Project and Join a Subcommittee

The Board would like to invite members to become further involved and engaged with your professional colleagues by joining a subcommittee. These groups take on a single task or charge that supports VAG. This provides you with an opportunity to be involved in the organization and contribute your expertise and ideas without a major time commitment.

Assessment Awards Subcommittee

Purpose: This year, we are hoping to launch a series of annual awards with small grants attached but need a group to help develop and launch the idea. If you are interested in helping us define the awards, decide the criteria, determine a nomination or application process, we would like your input as a committee member. This is a roughly a six month commitment and is primarily advisory.

Point of Contact: Ryan Otto, Director of Institutional Effectiveness & Assessment, Roanoke College and VAG Board Member

Statewide Open Educational Resources Survey

Purpose: This subcommittee would work with VIVA, Virginia’s academic library consortium, and other partners on a statewide open educational resources (OER) survey. The overall goal would be to provide accurate data and evidence to faculty, administrators, and state government about the circumstances and needs of Virginia students and how identified problems might be addressed. The survey would be similar to others previously done, such as Florida and Georgia. The subcommittee would help with survey design, logistics of launching a statewide survey, and encouraging buy-in from across the Commonwealth. The proposed time frame for this project would be July 2020 to June 2021.

Point of Contact: Kat Bell, Head, Assessment and Planning, George Mason University Libraries and VAG Board Member


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