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Volume 15 of Research and Practice in Assessment brings with it a new publication model. Starting today, RPA will be publishing articles individually, as they are ready, and adding them to our traditional issues over time. We hope that this new format allows you to engage more quickly and efficiently with the high-quality scholarship of our authors!

In our first article-level publication, Horst and Prendergast share their work on defining “a framework of assessment-related knowledge, skills, and attitudes.” I hope that you find this work thought-provoking and helpful as we continue to spur our discipline forward!

Abstract – Click Here to Read the Full Article

Well-developed professional development opportunities are a crucial component in ensuring that faculty engaging in assessment are equipped to do this work well. Creating these opportunities requires clear expectations of the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to conduct assessment work. Additionally, the knowledge and skill requirements of faculty conducting assessment are often different from those of professionally trained assessment practitioners. Although higher education student affairs organizations have developed frameworks for assessment skills, no formal framework of knowledge, skills, and attitudes exists to drive professional development in assessment within academic affairs. This article provides a framework of assessment-related knowledge, skills, and attitudes that are important to the professional development of faculty assessment practitioners, targeting three levels of complexity. This framework can be used to evaluate current professional development offerings and plan new, intentionally designed programs in accordance with backward-design principles.

The full article can be accessed for free at: www.rpajournal.com/the-assessment-skills-framework-a-taxonomy-of-assessment-knowledge-skills-and-attitudes/

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