Conference Program

Pre-conference Sessions

Wednesday, November 16 1:00 – 4:00 pm

Student Partnership in Assessment: How to Cultivate Meaningful Student Engagement – Dr. Nick Curtis

The program assessment process has been in place for more than three decades and our practices are constantly evolving. Even so, the key stakeholders, students, do not yet have a consistent, meaningful seat at the table. This workshop will engage participants in a hands-on set of discussions and activities; intentionally planning for student partnership and engagement in assessment. Participants will learn to engage students to bring new insights into education and elevate students’ voice in the assessment process. Participants will develop strategies for partnering with students to increase the likelihood of meaningful change.

Assessment 101: A Practical, Comprehensive, and Simple Approach to Assessment – Dr. Tia Minnis

This practical, interactive, and hands-on workshop is designed to demystify the assessment process in higher education. The presenter takes a “simple, instructional, non-intimidating, and helpful” approach to provide participants with the tools needed to engage in comprehensive and on-going assessment practices focused on continuous improvement, student success, and overall institutional effectiveness.

The workshop will explore the following topics:

  • Writing Program-Level Student Learning Outcomes
  • Curriculum Mapping of Outcomes, Courses, and Assignments
  • Choosing Appropriate Assessment Methods and Tools to Assess Student Learning
  • “Making Meaning” Through Data Analysis and Data Interpretation
  • Consistent and Timely Assessment Reporting
  • Results Utilization to Support Continuous Improvement

This workshop is ideal for those relatively new to assessment practices, faculty members, and experienced assessment practitioners interested in learning strategies to educate, support, and empower colleagues to engage in the assessment process.

Enhance and Support Learning: Putting Equity-Based Assessment Practices into Action – Dr. Monica Stitt-Bergh

We—assessment professionals, educators, educational developers, administrators—need to ensure that assessment practices support and enhance learning instead of (unintentionally) contributing to learning gaps between and among groups of students. The literature on equity-based assessment practices—e.g., equity minded, equity centered, culturally responsive—is rich with recommendations that I will summarize for us to consider. We will collaboratively explore how to put these recommendations into action at each stage of the typical assessment cycle, from learning outcomes to use of results. We will discuss specific examples and scenarios and co-create solutions. Like many, I am on a journey toward creating assessment practices that enhance students’ learning; while I will provide guidance and options, participants’ wisdom will be welcomed and appreciated in this interactive workshop. My goal is for participants to leave with at least one concrete action to integrate into their own work.