Assessment in Higher Education: Enhancing Institutional Excellence

Assessment in Higher Education: Enhancing Institutional Excellence 
University of Florida Hilton Hotel and Conference Center
April 3-5, 2019
Submission Deadline: Friday, September 28, 2018
All institutions of higher education seek to improve student learning and the student experience, and to enhance program and institutional excellence. Data and information collected through assessment is a primary source of information used for institutional improvement at every level – from academic programs to institution-wide initiatives. This conference brings together faculty, staff, administrators, and assessment professionals to share current assessment research and practices that enhance excellence in higher education.
Institutions of higher education are diverse in many ways; they serve different missions, student populations, and vary in comprehensiveness and numbers of programs. Institutional, departmental, and programmatic contexts influence the selection, development, implementation of assessment processes, and the analysis and use of assessment results.
We call for proposals that address the following conference focus areas and questions.
  • Methodologies. What assessment methods and practices are most successful for the assessment of student achievement and skill across diverse programs?
  • Diversity. What assessment methods and practices are most effective for working with diverse students?
  • Data analysis and use. In what ways are assessment data analyzed to yield meaningful information in different institutional contexts and disciplines? In what ways are higher education professionals using assessment data effectively to improve teaching, learning and the student experience?
  • Evaluation. What forms, tools, or processes are used to assess and/or evaluate program and institutional excellence?
  • Validity, reliability, and fairness. In what ways are validity, reliability, and fairness addressed in higher education assessment practices and processes?
  • Ethical obligations. How do higher education professionals ensure that the ethical obligations of assessment (integrity, honesty, confidentiality/privacy, objectivity, and fairness) are met?
  • Unintended consequences. What unforeseen and unplanned outcomes of assessment and evaluation have been observed? How are these identified and managed?


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