Professional Development

To fulfill, our mission to be a “source of professional development opportunities and a forum for the exchange of ideas”, the Virginia Assessment Group will be offering more professional development opportunities throughout the year to compliment our annual conferences.  The webinars will provide practical information so participants can utilize the ideas on their campuses. 

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Pathways to careers in assessment vary widely, and so do the roles fulfilled by assessment practitioners. Further, the variability in preparation, job responsibilities, and orientations to assessment leads to a wide variety of perspectives on how and why assessment should be conducted. How, then, do we define and develop professional identity within assessment-related roles? Is it even possible to provide a universal definition of the role of the assessment professional in higher education and beyond?

This webinar will summarize the myriad roles filled by assessment professionals in various contexts, emphasizing the variety of skill sets that are needed to fulfill the needs of our partners across (and beyond) the college campus.

Caroline Prendergast, PhD is a psychometrician at the American Board of Surgery, where she collaborates with assessment developers, measurement specialists, and surgeons to develop, implement, and study board certification assessments. Her current research focuses on the implications of artificial intelligence for low-security assessments. She is also the author of multiple publications concerning assessment in higher education, including Improving Student Learning at Scale: A How-To Guide for Higher Education.