The Virginia Regional Accreditation Symposium (VRAS)

Virginia Assessment Group partners with The Virginia Regional Accreditation Symposium (VRAS) to support Higher Education assessment and accreditation professionals throughout Virginia. We invite our members to participate in the VRAS annual meeting. The meeting will be held in tandem with the Virginia Assessment Group’s annual conference.

The VRAS Annual Meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 13, 2019 at Biotech One in conjunction with the Virginia Assessment Group conference in Richmond, Virginia. 

About The Virginia Regional Accreditation Symposium (VRAS)

The VRAS, an active, purposeful network of higher education colleagues in Virginia, advances open discussion and dissemination of knowledge to support institutions’ achieving and sustaining SACSCOC accreditation.

VRAS serves the higher education community in Virginia by facilitating inter-institutional relationships and providing accurate information and reliable interpretation of SACSCOC policy.

The purposes of the VRAS are to:

  1. Build relationships among faculty and staff responsible for compliance with SACSCOC policies and principles.
  2. Provide resources for faculty and staff that deal with the intersection of state recognition and regional accreditation.
  3. Serve as a forum for discussion about salient accreditation-related issues and how they affect Virginia institutions.
  4. Share accreditation-related knowledge and experiences among Virginia institutions that may serve as an example or guidance to colleagues.
  5. Welcome, engage, and mentor new members from within our own and other accredited institutions within the Commonwealth to share knowledge and ensure the future growth of the VRAS.

For more information on the VRAS organization or the annual meeting, please contact Tisha Paredes, TParedes@odu.edu